At home with COVID-19?

Know your oxygen levels.

Certain Respiratory conditions, including sleep apnea, COPD, RSV, and asthma, can lead to dangerously low oxygen levels. These events can happen when you're alone or asleep.

Now there's a way to help protect yourself at home.

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If you're at home with COVID-19, there’s a chance you could experience dangerously low levels of oxygen without knowing.1-3

Monitor at Home with Confidence.

Masimo SafetyNet Alert

Continuously monitors your blood oxygen level and provides escalating alerts to you and your loved ones, so you know when your condition worsens.

patient wearing safetynet alert device embracing their child

Consult your healthcare provider for more information.


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  • * Emergency contacts must agree to receive alerts.
  • Alert levels are preset but can be customised by you or on the advice of your physician.


Masimo SafetyNet Alert